Happy New Year!

(‎Tuesday, January 1)  From Stacy Gill: Happy New Year, family and friends! We rung in the New Year last night with Mass in the small San Antonio chapel, a birthday feast for Greg Mitchell that included tamales and cake and ice cream and a Holy Hour from 11pm until midnight. What a privilege to welcome the new year among our brothers and sisters here and in the presence of Christ. Today we have been to Mass in two chapels to celebrate the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Brother Fidelius, Michael McGovern and Anna Doctor are sharing testimonies after the Masses today. The people have been so appreciative of the sharing of our universal faith and the Fort Wayne kids are learning that the love of Christ can cross all kinds of cultural and language barriers. Pray for us as our schedule kicks into high gear in the coming days. We will need strength, stamina and grace in our weakness to do all we want to do for the Lord this week. Your support is a blessing beyond measure.


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